Become a Board Member

The Literacy Alliance of West Nipissing is seeking new board members.

An ideal candidate is not only passionate about literacy, they are committed to providing leadership to the dedicated staff responsible for delivering the Literacy Alliance’s impactful programs.

Our agency works to create a culture and a community that encourages learning and respects those who reach out to upgrade their literacy levels. The Literacy Alliance of West Nipissing’s mission is to provide our clients with quality learning to fuel their pursuit of a better life and foster a desire for lifelong learning.

The Alliance works to address these challenges by raising the public’s awareness of literacy and essential skills, and by offering free programs to those most in need.

We are seeking to diversify our board of directors by adding new members. Specifically, we are looking for individuals with a desire to give back to one’s community, passion for literacy, a strong track record in raising funds for not-for-profit organizations, and prior board experience.

If you are a compassionate human being and are willing to commit time and energy to our meaningful cause, please contact us today.